Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson

Content Strategy for the Web

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Content Strategy for the Web Kristina Halvorson ebook
Page: 135
Format: pdf
ISBN: 0321620062, 9780321620064
Publisher: New Riders Press

No one dared say it out loud, but “content strategy” is what we used to To write for the web today, apparently, you need to know how to “craft message architecture,” create “deliverables” for clients who love buzzwords and even – hold on! I went to a meeting about content strategy so I could learn what content strategy is. Many people, including people I very much admire, are seriously frustrated that much of the current conversation focuses strictly on Web content. When I first heard the term “content strategist” a few years ago, I thought, Yay! There's an increasingly loud debate happening around content strategy. For organizations all over the world, Content Strategy for the Web is the go-to content strategy handbook. Melissa Rach, co-author of “Content Strategy for the Web, Second Edition,” explored the importance and value of interesting content — why you need it to capture people's attention and get them engaged. Content strategy” is what we used to call “writing”: Deciding which words to write and what order to write them in. That's what I do—somebody's finally named it. Content, besides being the sole reason for a website's existence, forms the root of all decisions about a website's form and purpose. How can you realize the value of content while planning for its long-term success? Kathy Sierra famously summed up most marketing departments' approach to content in this slide: kathy sierra - How we treat customers.